Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert

In a lighthearted and self-aware way, Gilbert describes the flow of creativity from the perspective of an idea looking for a home. An idea may come and settle with you for a while, but if you don’t act on it or have the capacity to make it your own, it will likely move onto the next person to try them on for size. This one premise (there are many more riffs on creativity  in the book, but this is the one that has impacted my thinking and relationship to it)  has prompted me to think about the ideas I have collected, the ones that I intend to do something with one day, and the ones that I’d be entirely happy to see move on to someone else.

It is liberating to let some of the ideas float off on their journey to find the person better suited than me to see it through to completion. In the meantime, I have greater focus on the ideas I would be sad to lose.

Highly recommended for anyone who’s creativity feels stifled by fear or who’s ideas lists are in perpetual states of growth.

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