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TB Macaulay Collection selection of images

Collective Memory

Media: Storytelling, Audio, Mixed Media Painting

Location: Isle of Lewis

This project starts with the archive of TB Macaulay, a prolific photographer working from Stornoway over a period of around 60 years from the 1910s through to the 1970s. I will begin with selecting a small series of photos from the collection, a mix of people, places and events. The aim is to inspire discussions and storytelling from the older generation and those living with dementia and capture these in audio form. Through discussions, prompted by gentle questioning, the opportunity is to inspire recall of sights, sounds, smell, touch and emotions in response to the images. These will be captured (where permission given) as audio files. The final stage involves creating new mixed media works incorporating the memories and senses identified by the community to create a body of work that speaks of the collective experience in response to a selection of the TB Macaulay collection photos.

“The Dardanelles”

October 27, 2022|

There is a long history of the artist capturing what is largely unnoticed. The two photos, "The Dardanelles" Looking North, and "The Dardanelles" Looking South are images of [...]

Starting close to home

October 15, 2022|

Life with Dementia can be a disorienting experience, both for the person living with it and those connected to them. The pendulum swings between the confusion in the here [...]

Culture Collective

Culture Collective is a national network of 26 projects across Scotland exploring community-rooter creative activity. It is funded by Creative Scotland and started April 2021.

The Creative Islands Network is one of these 26 projects and has been set up across the Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland. The Network is in its second round of activity. The social outcomes for the Network are:

Improved quality of life through greater access to creative and social experience.

Improved mental and/or physical health through active engagement in creative and social experiences.

Support creative practitioners (financially and socially) with opportunities to develop their practice or careers.

For more information, visit the Culture Collective website

Self portrait of photographer TB Macaulay
Self Portrait of Photographer TB Macaulay

TB Macaulay

TB Macaulay was born in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. He came from a family of shopkeepers, with his own shop on North Beach on the corner of Bank Street.

Throughout his life he had an active interest in photography and set up a dark room at 7 Bank Street.

Events captured by his camera:
1919 Victory Parade
1921 Storm damage of Stornoway 21st March
1922 The Slip Mill Fire
1922 Officials at the opening of the Bowling Green
1923 Departure of the Metagama from Stornoway
1923 Unveiling of the Seaforth Plaque at the [bloch?] School
1937 Coronation Day
1956 Press photographer for the Queen and Prince Philip’s visit to the Islands in August


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